Mobile casino platforms explained

It is the casino format that is taking the world by storm and no matter whether you are 18 years old or 80 years old, it is time to get involved. Mobile casino gaming is no longer the fad it once was, it is now an all-round casino experience that can more than rival its desktop based big brother. In this guide, we will look at the core framework of mobile casino gaming along with the platforms that are currently available to you.


Blackberry was once the leading mobile phone developer in the world. Until Apple entered the market place, Blackberry was the mobile choice for almost every age demographic. While Blackberry has faded into the background over the past few years, it is still a device that you can use for online casino gaming purposes should you so choose. In order to play online casino games on Blackberry you will need to download an app, but you must be aware that performance specs and availability will be limited.

iOS and Android Devices

As Blackberry headed out the exit door, iOS and Android devices arrived on the scene and with such came new online casino gaming potential. If you own an Android or iOS device you will have an unprecedented access to countless mobile casino providers and a range of online games that is growing by the day. Through these devices you can be up and running in just a matter of moments. All you need to do is locate your mobile casino app of choice on the App Store or Play Store, click download, register, and that’s it, you’ll be ready to start gambling on the go.

Web Based Mobile Casinos

The app based mobile casino market is growing and it can be argued that it is where the industry is heading in terms of direction. But in the spirit of versatility it seems online casinos are still happy to offer players mobile casino play through web browsers. In terms of access all you need is a web browser and a compatible mobile device, but there are downsides to using a browser based mobile casino. Loading times can at times be lengthy, while performance issues are more likely to occur, however players will often be afforded cross platform account access.

Gaming On The Go

The platforms change and so do the games on show, but there is one constant you can count on when it comes to mobile casino gaming. Casino portals have been and always will be the place to go when you are looking for the best deals in the realm of mobile casino gaming. You can visit the Gratis Casino section of for example, we’re you’ll find some really good free bonuses. From the latest mobile casino news to the bonuses being offered, if you are serious about mobile casino gaming you should make visiting an online casino portal a top priority.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your smart device, find a mobile casino app you like, snap up mobile casino bonus, and start mobile casino gaming on the move today!

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A Guide To Video Poker

Video Poker has to be one of the most prevalent games amongst online gamers today – mainly because it’s extremely easy to play, whilst also offering heaps of enjoyment. In some ways, online video poker is akin to table poker, although it’s essentially a much easier game to play. This makes it a great option for newbie players, as they don’t need to be highly skilled in the game to play.

What is video poker?

All in all, video poker offers a mix between online video slots and classic poker. It’s slightly less reliant on luck than slots but doesn’t require as much skill as classic poker. Although the game itself is simple to master, players should learn a little about how to wager beforehand.

How to play video poker

Prior to beginning game play; you will need to decide how much you want to put down as a wager. Once you have a figure in mind, you’ll need to set the value of each credit and also, how many credits you’d like to wager per hand. If you’re playing to win big, it’s important to note that casinos are more likely to pay out higher jackpots when players bet to the max. The next stage requires you to hit the card deal button, which effectively means the game has started. You must then choose a hand – the goal is to end the game on a winning five-card hand. The rejected cards will be shuffled and re-dealt, which players can choose new cards from if required.

Bonus Round

A handful of video poker games offer a bonus round where players are invited to bet double or nothing on their winnings. Players then receive five cards, one lying face up and the other four face down. Players who select a facedown card with a greater value than that of the face up card will win the round!

Online video poker advantages

When playing video poker, it’s a good idea to decide whether you want to play solely for fun or alternatively, for a big win. Certain games will return more than 100% of your original bet – if you’re in it for the money, these are the games to look out for!

Unlike a number of the popular casino pastimes available today, online video poker comes in the shape of an extremely unique game, in that the pay table indicates a return on any bets placed.

Skills required

Although an extremely easy game to master, video poker is still a game of skill. With a good betting strategy in mind, you will quickly improve your game play.

Types of Video Poker

There are several types of video poker to choose from, including Regular Video Poker and Multi-hand to name but a few. Regular Video Poker games tend to feature just the one hand, whilst the Multi-Hand version invites players to bet on numerous hands at any one time.

Video Poker Tips

Although games with more wild cards tend to be more attractive on a whole, the smallest hand is typically going to be higher. When playing video poker, it’s important to only ever play the number of hands you’re comfortable with, especially if you’re new to the game, In this scenario, it’s best to stick with a single-hand game, at least for the first few goes and always play for fun as well as a win.

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Casino Saga – A New Edition to the Online Casino World

Finding a casino that has something to offer all players, regardless of experience, is something that is very possible in this day and age. Casino Saga is one such casino that has something to offer every gaming fanatic. It’s here you’re able to play a wide range of classic and contemporary games – all of which guarantee to entertain, excite and wow.

Casino Saga is the brainchild of a group of Scandinavian gaming fanatics – all of who wish to take the online gaming experience that one step further – this tech-savvy online gaming establishment is home to a plethora of the latest casino games, one of the reasons it’s classed as the go-to forum for online gaming entertainment.

Another reason for the popularity of this gaming venue is the fact that it offers an entirely new experience to online players and something that is completely different to that of past gaming endeavours. Casino Saga not only offers a variety of sophisticated games, it combines the online gaming experience with a number of tech-savvy social features, offering players a finer casino experience. It’s here you’re able to engage in the latest challenges, exercises and competitions – all from the comfort of your own home, or in fact, anywhere with an active Internet connection.

Upon visiting Casino Saga, you’ll be welcomed into the folds of the Saga Islands – an impressive 40 regions, each of which stand as a separate game level. This magical world offers avid gamers an entirely new gaming experience, and one that focuses on the fight between the good and the bad. Those who choose to play at Casino Saga will be met by a series of contests – completing these challenges will incur a victory and also, a jackpot win. The ultimate aim of the game is to win back the stolen golden crown in order to incur this win. To find out more about the game rules and how you to can embark on a quest to win back the stolen crown, simply visit one of today’s helpful online casino portals to find in-depth reviews on this casino and all that it offers. It’s here you’ll also find information on other interactive casinos you may wish to try out.

Asides from monetary wins, successful gamers are also rewarded with prizes in the shape of medals, bonuses and free spins. Players can view their winnings online through their account. Unlike standard online casino accounts, Casino Saga players’ have profiles, which can be customised to their exact specifications. This is a great way to make the entire gaming experience that little more social as there’s even an option to showcase fellow gamers your past and current achievements – all of which can be done through various social media platforms. This popular feature makes playing online a lot like playing at a land-based venue, whereby you can chat with others using the site. Certain casinos even feature live-play gaming action – meaning you can watch the croupier deal the cards or role the dice in real time, using a video streaming device.

As technology advances, who knows what’s in store for the gaming future. It is very possible even more social features will become available to players, which will in turn add excitement and ambience to the game – this is one of the many benefits of interactive casinos.

To try this gaming platform for yourself, visit them online today. With so many games on offer, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your every gaming need.

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5 quick tips for finding the perfect online casino

In what has become a hyper competitive market place, finding a casino that suits your needs as a player has become quite the challenge. While this challenge is only furthered by the relentless advertising that many of these casinos undertake, you can still find these casinos. In this article, we’ve put together a guide on how to find your perfect online casino!

  1. Choose an accredited and licensed casino

Even in 2015 there are still online casinos out there that seem to wish to operate outside of jurisdiction. You need to make sure that the online casino you use has a license to operate legally in its host nation and complies with industry standard regulations. When you logon to an online casino you want to be sure that your money is safe, so don’t put it at risk by playing in a “shady” casino environment. Even though not as important as legal licensing, you should aim to find a casino that is accredited by a noteworthy third party company. This would mean that the casino has undergone fair and random audits that ensures it protects players and complies with industry regulations. When it comes to accreditation eCOGRA is the name to look out for.

  1. Choose a casino with a positive reputation

In the world of online gambling reputation stands for a lot, as there are many unscrupulous casino’s out there. You will want to find a casino that has a reputation for positive customer interaction and all round fair play. This almost goes without saying, but if an online casino has a reputation that isn’t positive in both areas they are a casino that should be avoided. You need to also find a casino that has a reputation for protecting its customer’s information, as we live in a time where such is under regular threat. For information surrounding the reputation of a casino, logon to an online casino forum or an online casino portal to see what others have to say.

  1. Choose a casino with a vast game selection

Any casino worth their salt in 2015 understands that players of today aren’t one-dimensional. As such the casino you choose should have a vast game selection to keep you entertained. The casino should also be adding new titles regularly, because if they are not they aren’t doing enough to warrant your money. Slots, video poker, blackjack, poker, you will want to find a casino to provide you with all that and more.

  1. Choose a casino that provides you with the best odds

Even though you logon and play within an online casino for fun, you should be looking to come out of any game with money in your pocket more often than not. In order to make sure the chance of this happening is increased, you need to find the online casino that will provide you with best odds for your game of choice. Having this information at hand will only help you become more profitable, as playing with the best odds possible means bigger payouts should you play your cards right.

  1. Choose a casino through a casino portal

They seem to be everywhere these days and there is a good reason for that. Casino portals are a goldmine when it comes to information on what online casinos around the world are bringing to the table. Through a casino portal you can find out everything about an online casino, as they provide in-depth reviews and casino comparisons. Casino portals are a one-stop-shop for online casino information and should be consulted before you make a final decision on where to put your money.

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